See the World with One Suitcase: 7 Ways to Pack Light

Traveling is a healthy addiction. Exploring one city is not enough, it only makes you want to crave for more places to discover.

No one is to blame here. Traveling really just does that to people and we, as willing victims, embrace this adventure fully and wholeheartedly.

To travel around the world is on the bucket list of almost everyone we know. The only limit that we put upon ourselves is whether our bank accounts can handle the challenge.

But with a stubborn traveling soul, nothing, not even your bank savings, can stop you from achieving that goal.

Now, there are a lot of factors before you start this great adventure.

One, where are you heading? If you have no idea yet, there are a lot of amazing destinations that are safe for women to travel to this 2020.

Two, how much are you willing to spend? Make a budget planner to address this concern and see how much you need to save for this trip.

Three, what type of luggage should you bring? Now, this is interesting. Since traveling the world sounds like an immense challenge to take on, we would easily think that bringing huge luggage half as big as you are is the only way to carry all your items.

Well, I guess 2020 is the year we debunk that. Learning how to pack light is a revolutionary travel principle that we should learn how to victoriously achieve.

Here are some tips on how you can start packing light even when you’re heading out to see our vast planet!

1. Create a checklist

This is as easy as it sounds. It’s a straightforward tip that tells you to get a pen and paper, sit down and write down whatever you think is needed for the trip. If you must, organize it according to category. It’s easier that way and will allow you to thoroughly go through every category.

But then again, don’t sweat out on the details too much. The more you do it more painfully, the more you are to forget some items.

2. Choose smaller luggage

Choosing the right carry-on luggage dimension is crucial when it comes to packing light.

Whether we like it or not, we have this notion that the larger the luggage, the more items we should put inside. So, if you bring smaller luggage, you will automatically think that these are what I’m bringing because these are the only items that will fit inside my luggage.

But choosing smaller luggage doesn’t mean you have to fill it to the brim. Choosing smaller luggage doesn’t mean you have to put the same items you intend to put when you use a larger one. That only defeats the purpose.

3. Don’t pack “just in case” items

Let’s be honest, we have a habit of packing items that are not necessarily needed during the trip. But because we mean to be cautious and ready if anything happens, we overcrowd our already full luggage of things that belong under the “just in case” category.

If you really want to embrace packing lightly, you have to learn how to let go of this stuff. It may take a huge sacrifice on your part, but trust me, this is the beginning of a new travel lifestyle that you can apply for the rest of your traveling days.

4. Pack multi-function items

Multi-function items are the bomb!

You can take out a lot of items on your checklist and replace them with only one multi-purpose item. For example, if you have put a normal, cotton jacket inside your luggage, why not put a multi-layered one that you can use for extreme cold weather, on a normal cold condition inside the plane, or as a rain poncho?

There are also multi-function items like travel envelope that can serve as a storage for your passports and are also fashionable enough to be used as a purse when you’re out for a casual lunch nearby.

5. Limit your shoes

If you’re planning to take a seven-day trip abroad, take at least 1 to 2 pairs of shoes including the one you are going to wear at the airport—anything beyond that breaks the rule of light packing.

This is an important tip. Shoes can weigh a lot and since they have an irregular shape. It would make it hard for you to fit everything in your luggage without dealing with awkward spaces. At least put them inside a special shoe bag to somehow address that concern and then fill the holes of the shoe with tiny items to take advantage of it.

We suggest bringing a comfy pair of walking sandals and sneakers since they can be paired up with almost anything including dresses and shorts.

6. Bring a capsule wardrobe

What’s a capsule wardrobe, anyway?

It’s a collection of outfits put together to create an ensemble of mix and match clothes. With a capsule wardrobe, putting together clothes during the trip is the least of your problems. Everything in there would match, whether you go about it randomly or intentionally.

Travel OOTD is a sacred tradition both for men and women now. This capsule wardrobe thing makes it easy for everyone to clean up really good without much effort.

7. Leave unnecessary gadgets

Remember we talked about multi-function items? A smartphone is one of them. And since it has a lot of uses, you should take advantage of it.

If you have a nice phone camera, leave your bulky camera behind. Then again, if you’re after an adventure, bringing an action camera can be forgiven.

If you need to send some emails during the trip, you can do that over your smartphone so don’t bother bringing your laptop anymore. You also have a virtual map on your phone for easy navigation. You can even play games on your phone. No need for your flashy portable game consoles.

You can practically do anything you want on your phone, so any unnecessary gadgets, leave them behind.